A Passion



About   me

Dr. Henrietta Carbonel

Exploring new ways to support learning.


Since high school I have been fascinated by economics, and how it helps to understand the world in which we live and gives us the tools to act. As a professor, my aim has been to share this passion with my students to make them better business leaders and better citizens. 

However, economics is tough and, all too often, not a favorite subject. I just have to look at the expression of people when I tell them that I teach economics. So I had to delve into the theory of learning, best practices in adult education, and ed tech tools to create courses that engage my students and facilitate their use of economic tools throughout their life.

It is great to hear my students show their appreciation for their new understanding. And I enjoy sharing with my colleagues best practices in course design to facilitate our students' learning.


N. R , UG student

You are the best teacher I have had, you are very inspiring and motivating and always helpful. Whenever I felt down you always help me to stand up again and move on. So thank you :)

N.K., MBA student

A passionate and committed teacher that inspires her students to go the extra mile. I could approach you without hesitation if I had a problem, whether it was Admin related, subject choices, and even job related problems.

You were an inspiration to me and you made me feel like I could achieve anything.

 I always left your classes on a high note.

P.R., UG student

Your passion for teaching is passed on to the students. Patience, attention, and empathy help to create a positive environment in which dialogue is established in a simple and constructive way and students feel comfortable to ask questions. Feedbacks are clear and future steps are set with support